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Where It All Began:

Gooddegg Home DecorAfter being separated for nearly 20 years, two long time friends, JC and SR, set out to fulfill a dream they envisioned in college. Their aim is to create socially responsible businesses which provide balance in the environment. Gooddegg became their first business venture as the two combined their love for furniture and the preservation of nature. The dynamic duo attended college at Indiana University of Fort Wayne where they developed a lifelong bond strongly rooted in the revival of nature. JC, a veterned Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts of America) has long been an advocate for the preservation of wildlife and the environment. SR, a native of Bangladesh, a country that for decades has been plagued by deforestation decided to partner with a local organization to develop a tree farm to help the locals and their environment. As a seasoned entrepreneur, SR, stated:

"I believe (any) business must factor in social responsibility when developing a business model. Profit is to ensure living within society. However, if we destroy society and the environment in the process of profiting, then profit has no value."

Our Mission:

Provide customers with unique home decor solutions while inviting them to be apart of our global reforestation project.

How It Works:

Every Purchase Plants A Tree!

It’s that simple, really. You find the product you desire. Then proceed to checkout with our secure payment system. Next the product arrives at your home. Then you provide us with the details for whom you’d like the tree to be named after. Lastly enjoy your new product, and the family and environment of Bangladesh enjoy the fruits of the tree (literally). Each purchase plants a mango tree for the indigenous members of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.


Gooddegg Home Decor