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Deforestation: The Tragedy of "Give and Take"

At Gooddegg our mission is to provide a healthy balance between “give and take.” Since the rise of industrialization, deforestation has left a negative impact on numerous environmental factors. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), “the estimated annual rate of deforestation is about 1.3 million square km. per decade.” The primary cause of deforestation stems from a need to provide for agricultural needs such as growing crops and providing grazing land for animals. At such an alarming rate it is estimated that within 100 years there will no longer be any rainforests. However, Gooddegg is one of the few environmentally conscious companies that provide customers with an unique opportunity to be part of a global plantation initiative that will help restore balance to nature.

The Gooddegg Way

Our idea is simple, every purchase plants a tree.

We take pride in developing customer relationships. Each customer is given a personalized thank you card featuring a photograph of the family who has received the mango tree. Customers have the option to name a loved one for whom the tree will honor.

The Difference a Purchase Can Make

Thanks to the purchases of our customers, our mission to combat deforestation will also provide fresh produce for the indigenous families.

Welcome Jason Gorak of Katy, Texas to the Gooddegg Family

Thank you, Jason Gorak! Your purchase of the Fiji Wicker 6 Piece Recliner Sofa Set from Gooddegg has been honored with a donated tree. The family of Mojesh Marti will benefit from the fruits of this Mango tree for years to come, thanks to you! We appreciate you becoming another "good egg."