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Item is as pictured and very good quality. Couldn't be happier with this company. Package arrived on schedule and I even received a call from their customer service rep to make sure it arrived when the shipping company said it would. Then received an email to dedicate a tree in Bangladesh to combat deforestation. So happy to deal with a company with a social conscience. - Linda M. Buchanan
Linda M. Buchanan March 20, 2017
We were looking for a 6 person table that could extend to 8 and wasn't teak. This one works great. I'm planning to seal the polytop with a clear coat to protect it and buy a cover. We're hosting a dinner party in Nov and can't wait to use it. – Bramick. TX
Blake Ramick February 03, 2017
My first impressions of Gooddegg were one where I could obviously tell that this was a small company but they had great deals so I gave them a shot. I had been searching for a replacement dining table for our backyard for nearly 2 years and found our Roche dining set on Gooddegg. I have been blown away by the personal experience that I got from their representatives and their speedy communication.
Scott McArthur February 03, 2017
I looked every where for a nice looking reclining chair I could put on my new patio. I searched everywhere and believe me this was the best set out there I can assure you! LOVE the company, they are awesome to deal with!! The chairs work wonderfully and the ottoman's are very comfortable also. If there are more than my husband and I on the patio, the extra people grab an ottoman!!
Kathleen Boehmer January 27, 2017
This was my first time buying any product from Houzz and Gooddegg. I received the table which was either defective or badly damaged during shipping so I called them to explain with detailed photos. The team was very responsive and were able to resolve the issue by a full table replacement. Took a few weeks to get it replaced but finally able to enjoy this wonderful table for the summer. Would definitely order from them again. Thanks guys!
Steve Yi October 26, 2016
Last year I sold our old patio furniture and had a hard time finding something to replace it with. I looked online at a lot of different websites and also at our local stores that carry that type of furniture. I heard about gooddegg and went to the website and liked everything I saw, so I ordered it. The website was easy to get around which always helps. I ordered it and in just a few days it was on my back porch and we were enjoying the outside. One of the other reasons I decided to go with this website is that that give back and I will always go with someone who does that. Everyone we worked with were very professional and helpful...I would highly encourage anyone to buy/hire them for your future purchases. My family is very satisfied. Thank you so much
Kelli Norton October 26, 2016

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An ancient Greek Proverb reads, "A society grows when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit under".

You don't have to be an old man like the Greek Proverb suggests to make a difference, anyone can and it starts with something small like a sapling. Because of people like you who are ready to help the environment and make smart purchasing decisions that benefit the larger, global society we created the “One Tree. One Hope” initiative.

Each time a customer makes a purchase through Gooddegg a fruit tree is planted. The tree is planted at no additional cost to the customer and is gifted to a family in Bangladesh - a country at high-risk for deforestation and poverty.

Each fruit tree provides a family with increased nutrition and income, while also combating the effects of deforestation.

Be the Good Egg we know you are and make your purchase through Gooddegg.